Presbyterian Women

Living for Jesus @ RSPC


Our PW group provides a unique opportunity for us to enjoy fellowship and encouragement. It allows us to give support, prayerfully and practically, to mission at home and beyond. We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at 7.30pm in the Strangford Room (full details of upcoming events are on our events page) and are a very friendly group. We would love to welcome you.



Former presidents look on as Mrs Elizabeth Jones, president and Mrs Lily Brown, first president, cut the cake.

Mission Statement and Aims:

Presbyterian Women encourages women to become disciples of Christ.

Presbyterian Women aims to highlight the need for:

  • Love and unity
  • Obedience to God
  • Christian living and spiritual maturity
  • Service using gifts, time and money
  • Local and global mission

In our logo, the circle around the cross represents women whose lives are centred on the Lord Jesus Christ.

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