Prayer notes

Let’s pray ……

11th November – Remembrance Sunday

“But though kind Time may many joys renew,

There is one greatest joy I shall not know

Again, because my heart for loss of you

Was broken long ago.”

[Vera Brittain, from the poem “Perhaps”, dedicated to her fiancée, who was killed, aged 20, by a sniper in 1915, just four months after she had accepted his marriage proposal.

Remembrance Sunday brings bitter sweet memories to people who have lost loved ones or friends in the World Wars, and in the all-too-many conflicts since. And also to people who have suffered physical and emotional injury or disablement due to war or civil unrest.

I can’t begin to know how they feel, but it is not difficult to see the pain of loss on the faces of those who have special reason for remembering.

The First World War was called “the war to end all wars”, but in the words of his song, “The Green Fields of France”, Eric Bogle states a sad fact:

“But, William McBride, it all happened again …

And again, and again, and again, and again.”

Please pray this week in gratitude for all who have sacrificed life, limb and peace of mind in the service of their country; for all who remember – with broken hearts – loved ones, and hopes and dreams taken from them; for the peace of God’s creation and for all who are suffering injustice, displacement and despair as victims of war; and for the safety and security of all who currently serve in our armed forces and security services.

We will remember them ……