Prayer notes

Let’s pray ……  

“for the times to come

and of meeting what must be met

all of our people

must be taught to walk along

the path of sincerity”         

[Poem: Emperor Meiji of Japan, 1867]

Does it seem that we live in increasingly unstable times? Commentators tell us (and can we doubt them?) that opinions are becoming ever more polarised; stances are hardening; voices more strident; consensus harder to attain.

So in times like these, what should be the response of the Church, and of individual Christians. Answers may be varied, but one thing is certain – Christians are, or are becoming, more and more thought of (by those outside of the Church – and perhaps some folk inside as well?) as insincere – saying good things but failing to demonstrate them in our lives.

Are they mistaken? Should we all be “tarred with the same brush”? What can be done to change people’s understanding of the Church – Christ’s Church?

Jesus said,

“For God is Spirit, and those who worship must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” [John 4:24]

Does it get any more sincere than that?

James wrote to the early believers,

“But the wisdom from above […] is always sincere.” [James 3:17]

May our prayer be for that kind of wisdom, shown in the sincerity of our living, “so that the world may believe”.