Prayer notes

Let’s pray

“We will not hide these truths from our children; we will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about His power and mighty wonders.”  [Psalms 78:4]

Last week was a significant one in the life of Children’s’ and Youth Ministry in Regent Street. Our Holiday Bible Club and Youth Evenings were a great success in terms of numbers attending and the fun and enjoyment that was shared – and most importantly in the opportunities that were taken to “tell the next generation” about the truths shown by Jesus as He spoke to the people in parables.

Please pray in thanks for all the work that was done by Holiday Bible Club leaders and helpers, for all the children and young people who attended and for the wonderfully joyful service last Sunday morning. Please also ask that the words spoken and the example shown will be blessed, and will result in all of the children and young people who attended last week coming to know Jesus for themselves.

In a few weeks’ time our Sunday Schools, Safe Space, Kids Zone and Bible Classes will be re-starting, and Gavin will be coming to work with us and be part of our Church Family.

Please pray for Gavin and all the teachers and leaders who will be working with our children and young people, asking that the work, the workers and the young folk they work with will be blessed, and that our church will continually ring with the laughter and joy of young lives dedicated to the Lord.

And don’t forget, Children’s Ministry doesn’t begin and end with those directly involved. Please pray that we would all remember our responsibility to teach the children, by word and by example, the wonderful things the Lord has done, is doing and will yet do!

Thank you.