I am delighted to announce that despite Covid19, the shoebox appeal is STILL going ahead this year.  Obviously, with all the restrictions in place, things will have to be done just that little bit differently.

Rather than the children filling the boxes in Sunday School, we are asking that if you are interested in helping our appeal this year, you fill a box at home.   Grab your children, grandchildren maybe team up with someone else in your “bubble” or a family friend and fill one together. 

I have put together a list of typical shoebox items to help you.  Please note that once again we can no longer take toothpaste or sweets.

We have until the end of October (date to be confirmed).  The plan would be that on a pre-arranged date, people can bring their filled shoeboxes down to the church car park and place them directly into the boot of my car for onward transportation!

Should you have any questions or queries please contact me on 07856 660990 or your can email me

Please take a moment to read the beautiful prayer which was written for Samaritans Purse by Elizabeth Murdie.


Typical Shoebox Items



Face cloth

Hairbrush or Comb, Clips Hairbands

Colouring book or notebook

Pens or Pencils or crayons – you might like to include a rubber and sharpener

Pencil case

Hat, gloves, socks, scarf

Cuddly toy and/ or small game (depending on age of child)

Older children may appreciate a tennis ball, water bottle, sunglasses, jigsaw, game such as chess / draughts / backgammon

Please be advised that we are NOT allowed to include toothpaste or sweets again this year.

Thank you in advance to everyone who is filling a box or donating money.  If you have a moment, please click on the attached link and watch this video which shows just how important and life changing the gift of a shoebox can be.

A Prayer for Operation Christmas Child

We thank you Lord for this new day and for the joy it brings,

for daily blessings, loved ones dear and every living thing.  

We give you thanks for all that we can share with those in need,

and that you taught us, as you lived, to care in word and deed.

Fill us with compassion Lord, to share with girls and boys

who haven’t heard of God’s good news, those “tidings of great joy!”

As this year’s “shoebox” time draws near, may our choice of gifts display

Your love for each and every child in a simple, caring way.

Toothbrushes, cars, dolls, bars of soap, hats, gloves and clips for hair,

May all these things be packed with love, our efforts fuelled by prayer.

Though we don’t know the recipients, their countries or their names,

our circumstances may be different – but the message is the same.

Bless all who minister in your name and tell the gospel story.

Use the simple gifts we send, And all things for your glory.

In your mercy Lord, hear our prayer.


October 2020

The Church Office is closed. However, you can still contact us by phone or email.  Please leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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