Our people

We believe that we have a friendly, welcoming approach which spans through the years and those who have joined us have experienced God’s love and support reaching out to them from the Ministers, Session, Committee and members of our Church. Although each member of our congregation plays out this role we have a number of full and part-time staff.


Sunday Worship


Minister – Rev. Colin Jones
[Information coming soon]


Suzanne KellyOrganist and Musical Director
Suzanne Kelly has been involved in the ministry of music within the Presbyterian Church for over 30 years. For Suzanne, the focus of her job is to provide music appropriate to all the members of the congregation, from the youngest to the oldest, so that everyone has the opportunity to come and worship God in a way that is meaningful to them.


Young People

Amy-Chambers-(web)Youth Support Worker
Amy Chambers is our Youth Support Worker. Her role is to support and develop the youth and children’s ministry within Regent Street Presbyterian Church through its various programmes and initiatives. Another aspect to Amy’s role is supporting other initiatives in the community in numerous ways – whether that be in schools at assembly, or with organisations such as Scripture Union.

Karen GlassDesignated Person Under Child Protection Legislation
Karen Glass is the Designated Person Under Child Protection Legislation. She can be contacted in complete confidence at any time: DesignatedPersonRSPC@gmail.com




Administrative Staff


Gillian Boggs has been the administrator at Regent St since 1998 and works part-time on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.



Alan Holt

Church Officer
Alan Holt is the Church Officer. He is responsible for the physical running of the Sanctuary and the Halls.



Kirk Session

This group of men and women elders is responsible for the spiritual leadership, governance and pastoral care of the congregation. We are responsible to and represented on the next higher court of PCI for our local area: The Presbytery of Ards.


Ian-Macdonald-(web)Clerk of Session
Ian Macdonald is Clerk of Session.




Church Committee

This group of men and women is responsible for the financial and property issues in the life of the congregation. Various sub-committees are responsible for different aspects of its work. Members of Kirk Session are automatically ex-officio of the committee.


Chairman of Committee
[to be updated].



Gale-Moffat-(web)Honorary Secretary of Committee
Gale Moffett is Honorary Secretary of Committee.



Honorary Treasurer

Jack Crawford is Honorary Treasurer. He is also the Convenor of the Finance subcommittee.


Convenor of Building & Repair Sub-Committee
Convenor of Building & Repair Sub-Committee. (To be confirmed)



Ken-Nelson-(web)Convenor of Fundraising Sub-Committee
Ken Nelson is Convenor of Fundraising Sub-Committee.



Ivan-Hamilton-(web)Convenor of Reception Sub-Committee
Ivan Hamilton is Convenor of Reception Sub-Committee.